tournament series

The results of 10 individual tournaments are included in the annual ranking (“Hotspot-Score 2019”), according to the following calculation,
You win 1 point for every victory. Furthermore, there are 8 points per tournament start. At the end of the year there will be a “Hotspot – Final”, where only the registration has to be paid. The top 20 players in the “Hotspot Annual Ranking” are qualified.

If, after the last qualification tournament, two or more players have the same number of points in the ranking and are together at 20th place, then all these players are qualified for the final.

Final Event “Hotspot-Final 2020”:

The 2019 Hotspot Final will be played on 2 days. Tournament mode is “triple-elimination”. Match distance 9 points. All the money set aside at each individual tournament will be distributed. In addition, there is still € 500 added-money. The prize money goes to the first three players. The distribution key will be announced. The final event will also feature an interesting supporting program with added-money, not just for the “Hotspot Final”, but also for a parallel tournament starting on the second day, for players who have already been eliminated and all those who could not qualify for the final.