tournament mode

It is played round-robin, truncated. In other words, at the beginning of the tournament all games will be drawn, everybody plays against everybody. In case of an even number of players, only the first 6 rounds are played. If there is an odd number of players, there will be a seventh round so each player plays at least 6 matches. Should a player have a bye in a round due to a failure of a player, this game is considered as a victory.
The match distance in each round is 7 points. The best placed players share the prize money. The price money will ALWAYS be split among the players with the same number of wins, except there are only 2 players withe the same number of wins and they played against each other during the tournament. In this case, the direct encounter would count. If these 2 players did not play each other, no 1-pointer is played. The same applies for the side-pot.

The match distance of 7 points is also ideal for players, who want to play BMAB (Backgammon Masters Awarding Body).


In order to ensure a speedy progress of the tournament, no breaks may be taken during a match. All matches are required to play with clock. The time is 2 minutes per point + 12 seconds delay.

The baffle box is optional: this means, if both players agree, the baffle box can be used by one or both players. A player can also insist that his opponent must throw the dice into the baffle box with the help of the cup. Furthermore, all tournament participants agree that matches can be recorded and published on the Internet.