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Mario Lazzer

“Backgammon is not just about probabilities, but more about recognizing patterns. The easiest way to learn this game is to play as much as possible.”

Mag. Stefan Parlow

“Successful players like to support the new one with words and deeds. It is a collegial cooperation, where one benefits from the other. Both human and backgammon related. ” “

Gabriel Cutencu

“I am glad that there is a new opportunity for backgammon players to meet each month and play a few rounds.”

Anita Schlosser

“I think this tournament series is great, because you definitely completed several games, regardless of whether you have lost one or more times.”

Dr. Leopold Dercsaly

“Although backgammon is easy to learn, it is a highly complex game. The basics can be taught in a few hours, but it takes years of study to master the game in the highest precision. It is this complexity that makes the game so interesting.
Therefore, I welcome the new backgammon hotspot tournament series.”

Peter Urbantschitsch

“Every enthusiastic BG player should play this series. Guaranteed 6 matches you play. Great location with excellent culinary experiences. Professional handling of tournaments.”

Dr. Rudolf Novotny

“The relatively short match distances also allow less experienced players to get into the price ranks. Just as I won a cash prize at my first tournament and defeated successful players.”

Tunc Hamarat

“This tournament is a great way to play with the best players in Austria. The system allows multiple games to play, which is no longer possible in other tournaments after two losing games. The tournament venues are also very cozy!”

Dario Damnjanovic

“It keeps being confirmed, backgammon is a game that is easy to learn, but difficult to play. The tournament model, in which at least 6 games are played, also allows the less experienced players to gain tournament experience and to compete with the best players in Austria.”


Herbert Lukas

“The last tournament was fun. For me, the procedure at the hotspot is advantageous. I can compete 6 times with better players and learn from them. I hope more people will join in the future.”

Dieter Hadjieff

“At first I was rather skeptical about this format. However, as often it is the appetite comes with the food (especially on blots of the opponents!) One tournament was enough to make me a fan. Please, more tournaments of this kind!”