match analysis

2. Backgammon-Hotspot Turnier

This was the recube of Stefan Parlow in the match against Mario Lazzer. A pass from Mario would have been a huge blunder, as Stefan has only a little bit of a favor. Mario did the right thing: he took the cube and rolled double 5 on the 3rd throw and won the game and match.

The tournament was dominated by high cubes of Stefan: here he doubles correctly on the 8 and also wins the 7-points with a single game.

Here, Steffi doubles the 8 because he believes he has more than 50.1% chances in the game (as it would have been a correct double). In fact, he had only 49, 18% chance and therefore this was “rewarded” by XG with a 0,092 Blunder. However, Stefan played PR 3.64 despite this mistake.

3. Backgammon-Hotspot Turnier

This is a highly interesting position. One should take the time and consider this position in several variants: for example: the board of the opponent already crashes or has already crashed, you have in your own board a few checkers on the 6, etc.

Two  checker of the opponent on the bar. The opposing board is not threatening because you u.a. even have an anchor there. What could be better than playing the important 5 point? (I did not do it….)

Completely unnecessary mistake: why do I care about the blot on the 2 if I can make a 5-prime? Played too fast and did not look in detail….

What makes Boris, unfortunately ,make many players. “I do not give a shot.” But now, the opposing board is not strong and you lose your strength by opening the 5-point and the problem of getting in is still not solved.

A perfect example of how you can easily catch a big blunder at bear off. It annoyed me a bit, since I know this position, but played too fast. Hitting is almost always correct with the same number of shots, because backgammon is also a running game, but unfortunately completely wrong in this case. If you play the right move and you are not hit, the game is home and dry. In the other case, several checkers can still be hit even on the second roll of the opponent when he dances at the next throw.

4.Backgammon-Hotspot Turnier

That Adrian does not beat here against Anita is a huge blunder. Even with a high lead from Adrian, beating would be the best move. With a gap of 2: 3, gammons are even more important. Adrian is apparently afraid to be beaten due to given Anita’s strong home board. But what can really happen? Basically nothing. Anita would have 3 checkers on the bar and even if Anita could come in she still has 2 checkers on the bar. If Adrian does not come in forever and Anita comes in with both checkers, she needs either 64, 54 or 42 to set her last checker otherwise her home board crashes. It would have to happen so much so that Adrian loses this game. Rather, he loses if he just does not hit and Anita either gets a running checker by putting on the 4 or a backgame by putting on the 2.


Most backgammon players will beat if they have to leave a shot, which is often correct, but it’s totally wrong here: if Anita hits the 1 (as she did) she will have 2 blots (1 and 7). If Adrian hits, it’s bad for Anita anyway. If he cannot hit, then Anita needs a 5 to come out and a 6 to close. The problem of the checker on the 24 is still not solved. If Anita does not hit, but simply leaves a shot on the 7 and moves from 24 to 21, the position looks much better: if Adrian does not hit the 6, his blockage crashes and it’s easy for Anita to get out of Adrian`s home board, without having to give up her anchor. With a 6, she can beat Adrian on the 1.


To make an interior point is almost always correct. However, two interior points make it even better. The following three blots in the outfield are not relevant, because Adrian has a weak home board with a blot.


Here’s a classic automated game: If I cannot play 24/20 (2), I’ll make the 5 point – you think. Here in this specific case, I have to look at how my opponent can play his next roll. If he had made the right move (13/9 (2) and 8/4 (2), Steffi’s back checker would be blocked by a 6 and he would probably have to miss a shot at his next 6th. After the move from Didi, however, he can comfortably move out with a 6, which happened at the following roll with 65 too.


Taking the doubles from Stefan is a 400 blunder. Wolfgang´s position is worse, in the running behind and 30% gammons are in this position. In addition Wolfgang leads with 4: 2 to 7 points. There is hardly a clearer pass.


Many players overvalue the running and do not look at the following rolls. Such a position can only be a double in case of a trailing. There are a lot of numbers in the following roll, which immediately leave a shot and even if you do not have to let a shot, so probably in the following roll. If Dieter hits so he immediately has a redouble / pass.

7. Backgammon-Hotspot Turnier: