entry-fee / registration

There will be a tournament series with 10 tournaments. The entry fee is € 40.- for each tournament.
20% of the entry fee will be deducted at each tournament and will be paid out at the big final event at the end of the year.
The registration fee for each tournament is € 15.- However, there is also an annual subscription offered for the price of € 50.- In this case, NO registration fee has to be paid for the individual tournaments. Optionally, a side-pot is also offered.

As an attractive special arrangement for players who want to pay less entry fees or players who are less likely to win, but still do not want to take a day off from their hobby and roll the dice without spending too much money to invest, there is the following option:
You can also participate in the tournament with a starting fee of € 20.-. However, if a player with a lower entry fee comes into the price ranks, then he will be paid only 50 % of the normal amount, because he has just paid only 50 % of the normal entry fee. The difference would be included in the prize money of the hotspot final.
The remaining entry fee is paid out to 100 %. For up to 15 players, the best 3 players (45 %, 30 %, 25 %) will be in the winning rank. Starting with 16 players, the first 4 places are winning stakes. (45 %, 30 %, 15 %, 10 %)