A new record number of participants took part in the 4th Backgammon Hotspot Tournament. Five players came to a hotspot tournament for the first time, resulting in a total of 15 players. Unfortunately, a few players were away or professionally indispensable.
As there were an odd number of participants, 7 rounds were played so that each player had 7 games and scored points for the overall Hotspot finals in November. The final pot has risen in the meantime to more than € 1000.-! The top 20 players will have thrilling duels at the final to snack on the big cake.
After the draw it was obvious that the players Dieter Hadjieff, Wolfgang Hartl, Adrian Nedelcu, Herbert Lukas, Peter Freistätter, Theodor Bley and Richard Wagner had the advantage to have a bye, because a bye counts as victory. All other players had to play 7 rounds. These were Selim Babacan, Ewald Etmayer, Richard Mate, Alin Opris, Stefan Parlow, Rudi Prohaska, Anita Schlosser and Carlos Wrchota.
In the first round Adrian started with a clear defeat to Herbert Lukas. However, for Adrian the defeat was not yet relevant, since there were 6 more games to play.
Richard Mate lost relatively clear against Selim, as did Alin against Stefan. In a thrilling duel between two new players, Peter won the match against Theodor 7: 6, as did Ewald against Carlos and newcomer Dieter against Richard Wagner. It was pretty tight for Rudi, who finally prevailed 7: 5 against Anita. Wolfgang did relaxed “enemy observation” because he had a bye.
In round two, Adrian’s victory race started with his victory over Peter. Ewald, Stefan and Dieter were able to confirm their victories from the first round and won their matches. Wolfgang went fresh into the tournament and swept Carlos off the board 7-0. For Carlos it was the second defeat in a row and unfortunately it should continue for him at this tournament. It was not his day.
In Round 3, Dieter and Stefan won their matches and took over the sole lead with 3 wins, as Ewald lost against Alin, after extremely exciting game and DMP after previous lead with 6: 7 lost. Adrian won his game against Richard Wagner, but by his defeat in the first round he was not yet at the top.
In the 4th round Dieter and Stefan lost against Anita and Rudi. Ewald came back on the victory road and also Wolfgang and Adrian (bye) won, so now Wolfgang was alone at the top of the table. 4 games, 4 wins. A 100 % win rate!
Round 5 brought the first defeat of Wolfgang Hartl against Selim. Also Stefan (against Ewald) and Dieter (against Alin) lost, so that a duel for the tournament victory was already apparent with 2 laps to go: 4 players were at the top of the table with 4 wins after the 5th round: Adrian, Ewald, Herbert and Wolfgang. With 3 victories just behind, Stefan, Selim, Alin, Rudi and Dieter were lying in wait. But – this anticipated – they remained in this lurking position in the last two rounds, because none of them could win both games in the outstanding two rounds.
In the 6th round Adrian, Herbert and Wolfgang continued their triumphal procession. Only Ewald lost after a tough fight against Rudi. So after round 6 at the top of the table there was a three-way fight between Adrian, Herbert and Wolfgang with 5 wins out of 6 games, in front of Alin (who beat Dieter with 7: 6), Ewald and Rudi with 4 wins. 6 players could still be tournament winners. On his own, however, only Adrian and Wolfgang.
In the showdown of the seventh round Adrian (against Alin), Wolfgang (against Rudi) and Ewald (against Richard Mate) won, which resulted in the following final result: Winners were ex-aequo Wolfgang Hartl and Adrian Nedelcu with 6 wins out of 7 games. Third place was shared by Herbert Lukas and Ewald Etmayer with 5 wins out of 7 games.
For all other players, it was a pretty mixed afternoon / evening, because the dice god did not look at them that day. Carlos rolled the dice particularly bad and could not score a single victory. All in all, it was a great day for everyone.
The next tournament will take place in “La Ville”, and also in the coming months it will be the venue. The swimming pool in the garden is certainly already embedded and in nice weather there is nothing against to take a dip between two matches. It can also be played on the terrace! The excellent cuisine of Mario Lazzer have already enjoyed most of you anyway! Hopefully, the dice will be meaning well to those, who did not win this time.
Until the 18th of May at 12 o’clock!