The date of the 2nd Backgammon-Hotspot tournament was unfortunately not suitable for many players. So two players were on vacation and a few others were private, or professionally prevented. Unfortunately only 9 players rolled the dice. 6 players who were already in the first tournament and three “new”. Two of them were able to go home very satisfied after the tournament ….
This time, the Marco Polo Golf Club was the scene of the backgammon hotspot tournament. Before the tournament a seminar was held. Unfortunately, the supporters of this seminar were on vacation and the number of participants was manageable.
In the tournament we were an odd number of players, so a few players would have had only 5 games to play. Since all players came to play as much as possible everyone agreed to play seven rounds. In this case everyone could play at least 6 matches.

In the first round the winner of the last tournament – Tommy Köb – met the “new” old hand Rudi Prohaska, who came all the way from Krems. Rudi already showed up in the first round and won 7: 6 after DMP.

In the second round Mario Lazzer and Stefan Parlow, who are very well placed in the ranking, met each other. At the score of 2: 4 and a six-throw position Steffi redoubled to the 4 (D / T) and Mario solved the situation confidently with 55 on the third roll and won the game and the match.
After the second round, only Anita Schlosser, Mario and Rudi were undefeated, whereupon Anita and Rudi each had a bye.

However, Mario (against Tommy) and Anita (against Tunc Hamarat) were beaten in the third round. Thus, Rudi took over the sole leadership.
Rudi did not miss a trick in round 4 and won easily 7: 0 against Tunc. However, Mario (against Richard Wagner) and Anita (against Steffi) lost and Rudi was able to extend his lead against these two players.
After 5: 2 Rudi took twice the doubling cube, however, which he should not have done according to XG and was suddenly 5: 6 behind. The next game he lost and thus the match. This game should be crucial to the tournament’s outcome, as the direct encounters count in case of the same number of victories.

Stefan and Rudi won their matches in round 6 with 7: 0 (against Herbert Lukas) and 7: 3 (against Richard). Anita beat Mario and Tommy won against Tunc.

In the all-important seventh round both Rudi (against Anita) and Steffi won (against Tommy). If Tommy had won, he would have been in second place, because of the direct encounter with 5 wins that Stefan also would have had.

So, however, Steffi was the winner of the tournament with 6 wins out of 7 games (without bye) and Rudi with 6 wins (with bye). 4 wins were enough for the third place, shared by Tommy, Mario and Herbert. Herbert sidled up in the background to the top and was able to ensure this success with a 7: 3 against Richard in the seventh round. At 20 o’clock the tournament was already finished and that, although seven rounds were played.

The next tournament will again take place in the Marco Polo Club, on March 16 at 12.00. Since the ABA tournament is already on March 2nd, the weekend before the Hotspot Tournament is free of play, which hopefully will encourage many players to join the 3rd Backgammon Hotspot Tournament.