In winterly conditions, 12 players came to the first hotspot tournament at the tennis center La Ville. Given the short term start of the first tournament of the Hotspot series a satisfactory number of players. The homepage was only finished in the middle of January, so the tournament could not be advertized before.
In an extra room with an open log fire we came together in an amical atmosphere and were all looking forward to the next 7 hours to roll the dice.
Due to the tournament mode, there are no waiting times in this tournament series and because no breaks are allowed during the game, a tight schedule was guaranteed. Each player had to complete 6 matches and the three players with the most wins were waiting for the prize money.
After 2 rounds only Ewald Etmayer, Rudi Novotny and Stefan Parlow were unbeaten. Especially the performance of Rudi Novotny has to be emphasized, because this was only the third tournament in his life!
In the third round, there was the duel of the unbeaten – Ewald Etmayer and Stefan Parlow. However, the match was over very quickly: Ewald Etmayer won 7: 0. In the first game Ewald redoubled to 4 (ND / T) and in the second game Stefan doubled to 2 (D / T), but lost gammon.
The third unbeaten in the league – Rudi Novotny – also won his 3rd game by a final pash against Peter Urbantschitsch.
In the 4th round Ewald lost for the first time in this tournament. His opponent was Gabriel Cutencu, who won the ABA tournament a week earlier. Stefan was still struck by his defeat against Ewald and lost sang and soundless against Thomas Köb, who started after a defeat in the second round against Mario Lazzer now a catch-up and had only one defeat. Rudi Novotny was able to continue his triumph and won relatively smooth against Hans Thalwitzer and thus took over thereby the sole leadership in the fight for the prize money.
After his great start, however, Rudi lost his matches in rounds 5 and 6 and ultimately had 4 wins out of 6 games. A not to be underestimated achievement! Ewald and Tommy, on the other hand, won both of their final games and thus had 5 wins out of 6 matches. A one-pointer finally decided that Tommy officially grabbed the prize money for first place. Where previously a settlement was agreed and Tommy got 5 euros only more. 🙂
Several players had 4 wins. These were Tunc Hamarat, Rudi Novotny, Hans Thalwitzer, Mario Lazzer and Stefan Parlow. However, given that there can only be a 3rd for the prize money, in such a case the number of victories and defeats is determined by direct (all players with 4 wins) opponents.
Here Rudi Novotny prevailed with a balance of + 2.

The final result was thus:
1. Thomas Köb
2. Ewald Etmayer
3. Rudi Novotny

Congratulations to all winners !!! Whereby all winners were actually at this tournament. 7 h Backgammon play in an amical atmosphere, with excellent cuisine and interesting conversations between the games.
Unfortunately, after 1 player was late by 1 hour and 2 players only in the course of the advanced tournament (because the appointment was too short), I hereby announce the next tournament:
The next tournament will take place on the 23rd of February, in the location of the Golf Club Marco Polo. The tournament starts at 12 h!
Immediately before the 2nd hotspot tournament, a seminar will be held at 10.30 h, to which everyone is cordially invited. The fee for this seminar is € 10.-
Furthermore, promotions are planned for the tournament in February. It will be announced on this homepage in February!