In spring and fine weather, a new record number of participants came together for the 5th Backgammon Hotspot Tournament. In addition to our usual game room we could also play on the terrace, overlooking tennis matches or the swimming pool. Unfortunately, the outside temperatures were not summery to dare a dip in the cool water.

In this tournament again 3 “new” participated. On the one hand Horst Zach from Graz in female accompaniment, who also played and on the other Stefan could animate an inhabitant of his house to play – it was her first tournament ever. Their previous backgammon activities were limited to playing with friends and against software on the computer. Unfortunately, her lack of experience was reflected in her individual results, but that did not detract from her enjoyment of the game. She was mainly interested in “sniffing around” and therefore gaining first experiences in live backgammon. She was also after the last game of good things and said that for the June tournament she will not find the time, but maybe she would be back at the July tournament. One likes to hear such news, because basically it was a compliment for the development and atmosphere of the tournament and also for the overall picture of the individual players.

In the first round Stefan, after a 6-0 lead, lost the match 6: 7 against Horst, who had arrived from Graz. Adrian won clearly against the “new” Ines 7: 0, but did not detract from the good mood of Ines. She was able to pursue her hobby in a “live tournament” for the first time in her life, which gave her great pleasure. The other games were Dario against Wolfgang Hartl, Selim Babacan against Rudi Novotny, who came especially from Germany, Richard Wagner against the veteran Rudi Prohaska, who came from Melk, Peter Freistätter against Anita Schlosser, Alin Opris against Gabriele Reiter – she came from Graz, as well as Herbert Lukas against Richard Mate.

After the second round still 4 players were without defeat: it was Richard Wagner, Herbert Lukas, Dario Damnjanovic and Rudi Novotny. It was already a close race in the fight for the winning places.

In the third round there was a duel between the two unbeaten – Rudi Novotny against Herbert Lukas. This game was decided in the DMP. It was a duel at eye level and extremely exciting for the spectators.

In rounds 4 and 5, the course was already set for the tournament victory. After the 5th round, five players were able to win the tournament: Stefan Parlow, who won all matches after his defeat in the first round, Alin Opris, Herbert Lukas, and Richard Wagner and Dario Damnjanovic, who lost their first match in the fifth round.

In the sixth round, there was not a single match of direct competitors for the tournament victory. There were the matches between the newcomers “Ines – Gabriele”, “Herbert – Selim”, “Horst – Dario”, “Anita – Wolfgang”, “Stefan – Peter”, the “Richard duel”, the “Rudi – Duell” were mated “and Alin played against Adrian.

Of the players to win the tournament only Dario lost his game. Thus, in the end, 4 players shared the entire prize money. These were Alin, Herbert, Stefan and Richard Wagner.


All in all, it was a great backgammon afternoon / evening, which will be continued on 22nd June at “La Ville”.

After the second game there will be a one-hour break to either eat something or jump into the swimming pool. However, if there are two players who do not want to take a break they are welcome to play a match scheduled for later.

Until the next tournament on June 22nd!