A new record attendance came in at the 3rd Backgammon Hotspot Tournament. Six players came to the Hotspot-Tournament for the first time. They came even from Salzburg and Hungary. Since there was an even number of participants 6 rounds were played, so that each player had 6 games to collect points for the overall standings to be able to attend the big hotspot finals in November, when the final-pot is played out.
In the first round Stefan Parlow, the winner of the last tournament, had to compete against Richard Mate from Hungary and had absolutely no chance. Richard swept Stefan 7-2 off the board. Herbert Lukas did better and was best to repeat his 3rd place from the last tournament – he beat Tunc Hamarat 7: 6. Almost all “new” players won their games: it was Boris Abramovich against Richard Wagner, Selim Babacan against Alin Opris, Adrian Nedelcu against Ewald Etmayer and Werner Schmuck won against Poldi Dercsaly. Solely Alin lost against Selim. Anita Schlosser defeated Dario Damnjanovic after a 6-0 lead and 6: 6 at the DMP 7: 6.
In the second round all winners of the first round lost- except Adrian, who took the lead with it. Richard Wagner lost for the second time and thus he was without victory at the end of the field, but that Richard can do it differently, he showed in the further course of the tournament.
On lap three, Adrian continued his run and won also his third match 7-0 against Anita, who was anything but irradiated that day. Richard Wagner scored the first title in this tournament and won DMP against Ewald. Stefan lost his second game, this time against Boris, who had come from Hungary.
In lap 4, the field moved together, as Adrian lost for the first time – against Tunc. Richard of Hungary lost to Herbert, who was well on the way to repeat his success at the last tournament. Richard from Vienna repeated his victory in round 3 and started a winning streak, as did Stefan, who beat Dario.
By beating Alin in round 5, Adrian took the sole lead one lap before the end, closely followed by the two Richards, Herbert and Stefan.
The showdown came in the sixth and last round. If Adrian wins against Stefan, so Adrian is also the tournament winner. But it happened differently:
Stefan won against Adrian. Since all other pursuers won their matches, there were finally 5 players with 4 wins. Since none of the players knew what the final ranking would look like based on direct encounters, all 5 players agreed to share the prize money.
Hours after the end of the tournament, the exact calculation was carried out for the sake of interest: There should have been a DMP between Herbert Lukas and Richard Wagner for the win, and Richard Mate would have won third place due to his victory against Stefan. 4th place would have gone to Stefan and 5th place to Adrian. Interesting in this context appears that Herbert Lukas and Richard Wagner were the two players who visited the seminar of Stefan in the previous month. Richard Wagner was at this tournament for the first time in his life in the prize money! Congratulations !!!
All in all, it was a great afternoon / early evening for everyone. The next tournament will take place in Montesino, as our two venues (“La Ville” and “Marco Polo”) are unfortunately occupied by events.
We hope to break the barrier of 20 players at the next tournament, in which case there would be 4 prizes.
We hope to see each other on the 27th of April at 12 o’clock!