In mixed summer weather, the “hard core” was back to let the dice roll. As Horst satellites did not orient themselves well and he announced his delay, but also because Mario had an important business meeting in the evening, we knocked over the draw and started the second round. Because of an odd number of players each player had a bye in one round and we gave Mario the bye in the last round. So he could leave earlier. Even then, the rounds were not strictly adhered to. If two players were free and still had an open game, they started their match. As a result, the entire tournament process was extremely accelerated and partially some players ended already at 18.00 their last game. However, in the last game between Horst Zach and Stefan Parlow it came to an exciting final ….

Before this game, Mario Lazzer, Rudi Prohaska and Stefan Parlow each held 5 wins and Horst Zach 4 wins. Unfortunately, Anita Schlosser (the last tournament winner), Rudi Novotny and Herbert Lukas were not fortunate this afternoon and played no longer for the tournament victory.
If Stefan would win the last game against Horst, then he would have been the only one with 6 wins and Mario and Rudi would have shared the second place. But it happened differently:

Horst gave Stefan no chance and swept him off the board 7: 1. As a result, 4 players shared the entire prize money. These were Mario, Rudi, Horst and Stefan.

The next tournament will take place on August 17th again at “La Ville” at 12 o’clock. A good preparation for the ABA summer tournament, which will take place the following Saturday.