• 17. December 2019
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The Christmas tournament was won by Stefan Parlow with 7 wins out of 7 games. Second place was shared by Tommy Köb and Anita Schlosser, each with 6 wins out of 7 games. 5 victories were achieved by 8 players, who had to share the 4th place prize money. Stefan Parlow won the sidepot.
Here is the exact result. The tournament report will be finalized this week:

1. Steffi Parlow
2. ex-aequo: Tommy Köb, Anita Schlosser
4. Eight players shared fourth place. These were: Dario Damnjanovic, Lili Doubek, Wolfgang Hartl, Leo Riebler, Rainer Spörk, Mehrdad Therany, Horst Zach, Peter Zorgovsky

Sidepot: Steffi Parlow

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