next tournament 07.09.2019

1230 Wien, Kirchfeldgasse 5, "La Ville"

actual Hotspot Finalpot
€ 1462,40

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At the 4th tournament 2 players shared the victory and 2 players the 3rd place: 1. Wolfgang Hartl, Adrian Nedelcu 3. Ewald Etmayer, Herbert Lukas The side-pot won Adrian Nedelcu. Heartfelt congratulations!

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The 4th Backgammon Hotspot Tournament will take place on Saturday, April 27 at 12 noon in Montesino, Guglgasse 11; 1110 Vienna. We had to change the location this time, as our two venues “Marco Polo” and “La Ville” are unfortunately occupied. Meanwhile, more players have participated in the hotspot tournaments than in the big final…

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In the future, the price money will ALWAYS be split among the players with the same number of wins, except there are only 2 players withe the same number of wins and they played against each other during the tournament. In this case, the direct encounter would count. If these 2 players did not play…

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