next tournament: 29.08.

"La Ville", 1230 Wien, Kirchfeldgasse 5

Hotspot Finalpot
€ 995,36

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The result of the 1st Hotspot Tournament 2020: 1. Tunc Hamarat 2. Dario Damnjanovic, Robert Kreisl, Stefan Leopoldseder, Richard Mate, Peter Urbantschitsch Sidepot winners: Dario Damnjanovic and Peter Urbantschitsch Since two of the winners paid only half the entry fee, € 63.- will go to the final pot, which is already more than € 700.-…

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The first qualifying tournament for the Hotspot Masters 2020 will take place on Saturday, January 18, at exactly 12 noon. As in the previous year, 7 rounds are played with an odd number of players and 6 rounds with an even number. The match distance is 7 points. Rule changes compared to 2019: For each…

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The Christmas tournament was won by Stefan Parlow with 7 wins out of 7 games. Second place was shared by Tommy Köb and Anita Schlosser, each with 6 wins out of 7 games. 5 victories were achieved by 8 players, who had to share the 4th place prize money. Stefan Parlow won the sidepot. Here…

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