• 2. September 2019
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On Saturday, the 7th of September, the penultimate qualification tournament for the big hotspot finale in November takes place at 12 o’clock. The current ranking can be found under “Hotspotscore 2019”. If several players ex-aequo occupy the 20th place after the October tournament, so all these players are qualified.

The mode for the grand finale is already fixed: It will be a “fourfold elimination” tournament. Similar to the tournament for the Austrian. Master title, in which “triple elimination” is played. At the Hotspot-Finale you have 4 lives. All matches will be played at 7 points, as in the qualification tournaments. The first 4 players get the prize money.

At the last tournament, Urbi, who won the tournament and Didi Hadjieff were able to reach the top-20.

For the September tournament, players have already announced that with good results – now in September and then the October tournament – still have realistic chances to displace someone from the current top-20.

Please appear punctually, as our tournament mode does not allow byes.

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