next tournament 07.09.2019

1230 Wien, Kirchfeldgasse 5, "La Ville"

actual Hotspot Finalpot
€ 1462,40

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Peter Urbantschitsch was the big winner of the 8th Hotspot Tournament 🙂 He had to play 7 games (odd number of participants and no bye) and won all his games in a sovereign manner. He also won the sidepot. Congratulations! The players in Monte Carlo will have been pleased that Urbi did not participate 🙂…

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There were 4 players with each 5 wins. The entire prize-money was split: Mario Lazzer Stefan Parlow Rudi Prohaska Horst Zach Congratulations to all winners!

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Anita Schlosser won the 6. Tournament 1. Anita Schlosser 2. Stefan Parlow Sidepot-Winner: Stefan Parlow

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